Getting the Right Condominium: Liv@MB

Navigating through the tangled streets of real estate is not particularly easy and can be really confusing, especially for those who are buying homes for the first time. People have different choices about the living areas. While some prefer the comfort of a freestanding house, others prefer apartments. Considering a condominium (or condo) can be a good choice to go after. Both condos and houses are different forms of homeownership with some key differences. If you are searching through real estate for condos, the Liv@MB can put your search to an end by providing you just the thing you are looking for.

Let’s take a closer look at what a condo is. It is a kind of homeownership in which owners share some common interests, like in shared yards, parking structures having attached walls with the neighbors.

 Condos are gaining huge popularity and are popping up like mushrooms in monsoon mainly in city sides and urban settings with the essential services just right around the corner. You may wonder, why buy a condo instead of a house? Let’s clear that doubt too, following are the reasons why you should think of buying condominiums:

  • Costs

A single-family house located in the same place may cost you more than a condo. As the overall cost is not much, you will have lower taxes and monthly mortgage payments.

  • Loan requirements

Everyone knows how difficult it can get to acquire a house loan. In the case of condos, you do not have to put in as much effort as in a house loan. Apart from that lender will also help you know about the financial condition of the complex which is a good thing on your part.

  • Amenities and convenient location

When you buy a condo, you are close to the commercial services in the city. You also get to be from the maintenance duty.

All of these services make the condo the right fit for your living style. Liv@MB, a project for redeveloping the Katong Park Towers, can deliver you with best condossituated in the upmarket district. More to that, it is also located at the city’s edge, giving you easy access to East Coast Park. You can register your interests in the condos at their official site.