How to Find the Right Subfloor Screws?

To have a beautiful and durable floor is to make sure its subfloor is stable. Thus, if you are planning to install or replace the subfloor, ensure you do it in a right way or you can visit from for more details.  To achieve this, it is better you use best subfloor screws.

Another thing you have to know is not all the floors have got subfloors. But, some of them have the concrete surface below.

Different Kinds of Subfloor Screws To Consider

There’re two primary categories of the screws made for subfloors.

Steel screws: Such types of screws have the helical thread, which spirals partway up. They’re made to keep your plywood intact without even causing any fiber damage, and will sustain a high deal of the lateral movement without snapping and warping. Durability can be referred as the “shear strength.” The steel screws are used for the interior subfloors.

Galvanized screws: Such screw gets the name from manufacturing process that is used for designing it. These are the steel screws that give special coating and protect it against deterioration and rust. Because of the extra moisture level, resistance and durability, the galvanized screws work really well when you are installing the chemical-treated lumber and working on the exterior floors like deck floors and porch floors.

Whereas some people advocate just nailing and screwing the subfloor in proper place, some swear by its use of the subfloor adhesive. So, before you apply any adhesive, make sure all the joists are dirt free, free from grime and residue, and they are dry. Follow these instructions on label of your subfloor adhesive you have selected to use. Generally, you will apply a line or bead of glue about one quarter-inch wide for your supports, and in the zig-zag style.