Marijuana Writers To Raise Awareness

Pot, grass, stuff, dope are epithets of single organic child Marijuana made from dry petals of Cannabis sativa (a drug plant), which states that it is no different from a drug. It is ingested in the body by smoking, drinking, vaping, eating.

Composition of Marijuana

THC,a psychedelic element forms the core of Marijuana,it is empowered withneuron relaxing potential. However, it expedites the release of dopamine(a neurotransmitter responsible for a sense of pleasure), this process merely happens within 3 seconds after the dissolution of THC in the blood vessels. According to Arthashastra, marijuana is a source of happiness, a joy giver, and a liberator.

Possessions of Marijuana

Back in 1961, when Marijuana was legal in India, it formed the backbone of India’s Ayurvedic Industry. It was the core component of several medicated drugs, used for the treatment of Cancers and Arthritis. Currently, it is legal in more than 40 countries and widely used in pharmaceutical centers for the cure of several diseases. According to some researchers, Marijuana is the best natural pain reliever obtained in the world.

Side effects of Marijuana—

Like any other drug, it is hazardous to the skeletal system if its use is not regulated properly. Its common side effects include-

  • Lungs impairment
  • Disturbed brain coordination
  • Cardiac ailments
  • Liver numbness

It’s significance in Content Writing—

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