New technologies in construction

Construction services companies have done advanced development in the field and the standard of design and execution has upgraded to get the best output.

In recent times there have been many innovations in Construction Services concerning planning, monitoring, estimating and execution have been introduced like 

  1. BIM
  • Building information modelling has become e crucial component of success. With its help, one can design, collaborate and build to get t clear picture of the mode, working, and execution of the project.
  • It is the easiest way to bring in many functional departments to build together and make them work within the project. BIM is nothing but a layered CAD drawing of mechanical, electrical, architectural, and all other and builds a model. From top officials to laborers can understand thoroughly the workings of each department.
  1. Project management
  • It is a crucial and vast task where the company takes take of the below points
  • Targeting quality delivery in lean construction
  • Clarity of design software
  • implement inspection reporting software
  • Application of Construction management software
  • Preparing punch list
  • checklist of balance work
  • And measure to take up to collect retainage
  • Planning prefabrication

Vetcon Constructions Services, Inc

  1. Safety and health standards
  • Focussing on prevention than care is the main point followed in safety.
  • Safety measures should be followed by top officials considering it important and have to monitor, follow and punish if not followed.
  • Maintain standard usage of products and use quality products without compromising safety.
  • Emergency supply of safety equipment to workers is required
  • Daily and digital inspection of each and every aspect is required to avoid any mishap
  1. Team coordination is required and site management

Establishing communication between a team of different departments and collaborating on multiple projects is time-consuming and stressful. Nowadays digital solution is helping by keeping all departments on the same page and having a clear track of the workings of others.